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This a compilation of videos discussing entrepreneurship.  They are from publicly available sources.  We recommend them to our consultants, workshops attendees and clients.

  1. Secrets of Entrepreneurship – UCSD Lecture Series (9 Parts, each of about ~10 min, for ~135 min total) by Mitch Thrower. Entertaining and inspiring lecture, filmed at the University of San Diego, acclaimed author, serial entrepreneur, and Ironman triathlete; Mitch Thrower, talks about the real secrets of entrepreneurship.

2.  How to Use Social Media from the Entrepreneur from Options Monster. (Using Twitter to Bring Customers)

3. Twelve Questions to Test if Your Idea is a Real Business (Slideshow, Forbes Magazine)  from the full-text article “Is Your Great Idea A Real Business?” by Christopher Steiner, Forbes Magazine. Twelve questions to help you separate the merely clever from the ideas that stand a true chance of succeeding.

4. Elon Musk – PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX  .  Inspiring video inteview from Khan Academy on Entrepreneurship Series.

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