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Our Mission

“Accelerating Technology Ventures and Entrepreneurship through Workshops, Consulting, Coaching, Team Forming and Capital”

Novatempo’s mission is inspired by the recognition that entrepreneurship is at the center of a stable society that offers high standards of living to vast segments of its population and steadily high levels of employment.

Our Vision

  • We believe that entrepreneurship, private enterprise and free trade are the most critical mechanism for elevating standards of living around the world.
  • We believe that technology ventures, in particular those capable of sustaining high growth, are the most needed in middle income regions seeking rapid creation of good jobs and wealth accumulation.
  • We believe that the entrepreneurial processes leading to successful technology ventures can be propagated and catalyzed across most other regions of the world provided that regional adaptation takes place.
  • We believe that venture funds, as they exist in developed entrepreneurial regions, can be propagated and catalyzed in most other regions of the world through a combination of education, localization and globalization.
  • We believe that our services uncover synergies and deliver superb value by means of openly sharing entrepreneurial, funding,  and economic development best practices on a global scale.

Our Services

Our services are designed to maximize the impact of the efforts of entrepreneurs, investors and government officers in regions of the world trying to build and nurture high growth technology ventures. Our efforts are focused on understanding and adapting processes used in successful regions of the world to those trying to develop high growth technology businesses.

  • Our workshops are designed to provide timely and cost-effective expertise from know-how gathered on a global scale.
  • Our consulting services are designed to improve decision-making of entrepreneurs, investors and economic developers.
  • Our capital flow support services are designed to identify, assist and showcase on a global scale, technology business ventures well suited for attracting supra-regional capital and for structuring global exit paths.
  • Our re-engineering services are designed to assist entrepreneurs and investors to produce better products, to cost-effectively protect intellectual property and to structure teams for world-class deals.
  • Our “Promising Startups Virtual Exhibits” and “Global Investors Previews” are designed to showcase to the world entrepreneurial ventures that we regard as most promising because of their unique product innovation, market potential, depth of management and scaling models.

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