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We offer a series of On-site and Online Training Workshops designed to provide timely and cost-effective entrepreneurial, venture financing, patent processing and new product development expertise to entrepreneurs, investors, government personnel and university programs from know-how gathered by our global network of experts.

The complete series currently includes 5 workshops designed to be engaged independently, based on customers needs or, for the case of on-site hosted events, based on the makeup of your target audience.

We offer the following workshops either on-site or using webcasts:

NVT-01:  “High Growth Entrepreneurial Ventures: Practical Aspects”

NVT-02:  “Angel and Venture Capital Financing: Practical Aspects”

NVT-03:  “Innovative Technology Products Development”

NVT-04:  “Intellectual Property Protection: Practical Aspects”

NVT-05:  “Risk Reduction Planning™ :  Action Plan for Entrepreneurs”

We offer all our Workshops using WebCasts using times convenient for participants in each of the four regions below:

World's Regions as Used by Novatempo

World's Regions as Used by Novatempo

Our services are designed to maximize the impact of the collective effort of entrepreneurs, investors and government officers in regions of the world trying to build and nurture high growth technology ventures.  Our broader company efforts are focused on understanding and adapting processes used in successful regions of the world to those trying to develop high growth technology businesses.  We transfer this always up-to-date know-how using webcasts and on-site workshops.

Direct your general requests for information about our workshops using this form or visit the workshop page for dates and times in your region.

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