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Public Speaking

Novatempo’s personnel is experienced and highly qualified in most entrepreneurship topics and routinely delivers invited talks at events worldwide.

We also offer a diverse and comprehensive cadre of recognized experts in entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and venture investments.  These experts belong to Novatempo’s Global Network of Technology Ventures Developers™; a network of distinguished professionals practicing global and open collaboration.  Among these, we have identified subset of outstanding public speakers that we make available to entrepreneurship development efforts worldwide. These experts reside all around the world, represent diverse cultural backgrounds, and serve as role models inspiring the most diverse audiences.

Our experts are available to address audiences around the world in topics such of entrepreneurship, market discovery, new product development, business model development, guerrilla marketing and sales, ventures financing, intellectual property protection and IP portfolio management, exit strategies planning, asymmetric negotiations and several others.

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Suggested speaking topics include:


  • How to Start a Technology Venture?
  • How to End a Technology Venture?
  • How to Exit a Technology Venture?
  • Healthy Entrepreneurial Psychology
  • Designing a High Growth Company
  • Recruiting a Global Management Team
  • Guerrilla Tactics for Global Sales
  • Corporate Venturing and Intrapreneurship

Ventures Financing & Exits

  • New Ventures Financing Outside of Technology Regions
  • Cross-borders Angel Financing
  • Small Business Strategies for Exiting Through M&A

Emerging Venture Spaces

  • Global Energy Strategies
  • Outlook of Energy Ventures
  • Promising Niches of the Clean Energy Revolution
  • Building a Biotechnology Venture in less than $10M
  • Starting a Social Venture
  • Starting a Green Venture

Product Development and Manufacturing

  • Green Design Revolution
  • New Product Design for the 21st Century
  • Fabless Engineering and Manufacturing

Intellectual Property Assets

  • Harvesting Universities Intellectual Property
  • Global Management of Intellectual Property Portfolios
  • Maximizing Intellectual Property Valuations

Higher Education and Economic Development

  • Redesigning Science and Engineering Programs for the Global Economy
  • Catalyzing Technology Clusters through Public Incentives
  • Operating Private for Profit Technological Universities

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