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Pre-Paid Retained Consulting

We offer our pre-paid services to governments, institutional investors and development agencies using blocks of time.

Purchasing time in blocks is convenient for organizations conducting multiple projects that require of our assistance.

Retained Blocks of Time Save Your Institution 10%


Institutions willing to pre-pay or enter into longer term contracts in blocks of not less than 50 hrs may submit a Purchase Order.

We offer  a 10% discount of our standard rates to for all orders equal or exceeding 100 hrs/yr and that are prepaid 50% Net 30 from the Invoice date.

We will invoice for 50% payment of that invoice minus 10% using PayPal.  Upon receipt of the order we will proceed to open an account against which authorized employees may draw consulting time



The following policies apply:

1.  All Pre-paid Retained Services Invoices are payable upon receipt in order to expedite delivery of our services.

2. Our Services are provided only in intervals of 1/2 hrs and currently billed at $300/hr per consultant.

3. Our Pre-paid Services Invoices assume that ONLY ONE of our consultants participate in the Virtual Consulting  Meeting.  Additional consultants can be requested and are billed at the same additional rate.

4.  Virtual Consulting  Meetings will not be held until PayPal has confirmed payment in-full of the Pre-paid Services Invoices.

5. Pre-paid Retained Services Invoices that have not been used up within 365 days from the payment date we’ll be deemed delivered and no funds will be refunded. Attenuating circumstances will be considered in issuing credit for future services.

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