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Workshop: NVT-03

Innovative Technology Products Development


Apple iPad Introduction 2010

  1. 10  hrs. (on-site)
  2. 6 hrs. (webcast)

Instructor (s):

Novatempo’s Instructors




  1. Live WebCast ($300/attendee, discount for groups)
    • Periodically ( 5 to 10 people)
    • Requires High Speed Internet Connection
  2. Hosted on-site and worldwide by: (Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)
    • Universities
    • Professional Conferences
    • Government Agencies
    • Chambers of Commerce


  1. Live WebCast (Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)
  2. On-location (Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)


  1. Presentation Slides (License)
  2. Workbook (License)
  3. Bibliography for further Study
  4. Certificate of Completion


Apple iPad Tablet 2010

This workshop is designed to present in a conceptual, logical and unified framework the most critical elements of a process leading to a the successful introduction of a new technology product into the marketplace. The workshop reviews critical elements to the overall outcome, including initial idea, product vision, product design and development, and market introduction and sales development.

The workshop emphasizes the need for unifying design, initial marketing, prototype development, manufacturing optimization and sales channel development as part of a virtuous product development cycle that can be equally applied in small entrepreneurial ventures.

The participants develop a new product or improve an existent one during the workshop using sub-groups representing the various people participating in the actual development of a product.  Sub-groups represent customers, innovation teams, legal departments, engineering teams, manufacturing managers, marketing and sales; all collaborating and actively negotiating restrictions in order to produce a great product. It concludes with a review of customer feedback data gathering and metric analysis leading to an improved followup product and to a successful product line.

The workshop uses cases, methods and examples extracted from the actual experience of small entrepreneurial companies.

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