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Risk vs Reward Optimization

Virgin Galatic Space Ship One - A moderate development cost low orbit space tourism, reusable platform, pricing each seat at $200,000.

One of the most important objectives of any entrepreneurial startup is the maximization of the ratio between expected rewards and perceived risk.  Reward is represented by valuation, which is, aside of a few standard metrics, highly subjective and can fluctuate with levels of economic activity and overall performance of the equities markets.  Risk, on the other hand, is even more subjective, also subject wide variations resulting from investors perception of optimum timing and market trends.

Novatempo’s team has mainly, through first hand experience, developed unique analytical skills, established heuristic methods and structured a network of investment, valuation and mergers and acquisition experts that can be rapidly activated to support the specific needs of fast paced technology ventures.

Our consulting teams focus on optimizing the reward vs risk ratio of a venture bye means of technology redirection, target market redefinition and narrowing, business model reeingineering; and by entering alliances with global partners for accelerated exist via M&A processes.

The following video motivates one of the most value creating traits of any successful entrepreneurial venture:  speed of execution!

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