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Novatempo’s “bookstore” was designed to give a one stops presentation to the daily status of the entire field of entrepreneurial ventures.  It was designed to provide you with references that we deem essential.  It also collects in a single location all public documents we produce, including presentation, papers and marketing materials.

US Library of Congress - Reading Room

It provides an overview of news wires compilations, including:

  1. Venture Capital Industry News covering each of the growing regions of the world.
  2. Deal Flow Related News for each of the following business spaces

It provides a survey of 3rd party copyrighted support resources, including:

  1. Video snippets in which some of the leaders of the entrepreneurship processes discuss subject of your interest.
  2. Book Recommendations of selected books that have been screened by our members and consultants.
  3. Links to internet sites we use in our daily activities.

It provides access to Novatempo® copyrighted materials, including:

  1. Videos
  2. Marketing Materials
  3. Presentation
  4. Books
  5. Papers
  6. Press Releases

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