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Perhaps the single most important attribute of any new wealth creating business is its capacity to deliver “scaling”.  Scaling is business characteristic of a startup  that describes the intrinsic capability of certain businesses to become a “machine for printing money”; that is, for without having to reinvent the business model, scaling allows predictability such that […]

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The US Congress passed last week the Leahy-Smith America’s Invent Act of 2011 on September 2011. These Act represents the most extensive review of the US Patent System in over 20 years. The Act impacts entrepreneurs and small companies in several favorable and unfavorable ways.

A short extract of the […]

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IMF’s World Economic Outlook 2010

The current IMF Outlook indicates some clear trends, mainly that entrepreneurial opportunities for growth are overseas, in emerging economies, and that some developed countries opportunities fall around delivering revolutionary cost savings for government services, mainly entitlements.

“Most advanced economies and a few emerging economies still face large adjustments. Their recoveries are […]

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