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Workshop: NVT-05

“Risk Reduction Planning™ : Action Plan for Entrepreneurs”


  1. 10  hrs. (on-site);
  2. 6 hrs. (webcast)

Instructor (s):

Novatempo’s Instructors


  1. Live WebCast ($300/attendee, discount for groups)
    • Periodically ( 5 to 10 people)
    • Requires High Speed Internet Connection
  2. Hosted on location worldwide by: (Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)
    • Universities
    • Professional Conferences
    • Government Agencies
    • Chambers of Commerce


  1. Live WebCast (Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)
  2. On-location (Negotiated, Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)


  1. Presentation Slides (License)
  2. Workbook (License)
  3. Bibliography for further Study
  4. Certificate of Completion


This workshop is the last and the culmination of our series of  training offerings on technology ventures development.  It is also the workshop in which we teach Novatempo’s novel proprietary methodology,  Risk Reduction Planning™.  These methodology was designed to maximize the  accelerated creation of value through a rapid and systematic reduction on risk factors challenging the venture.  The methodology was developed by Novatempo’s team members upon thoroughly  studying the evolution processes of 100’s of technology startups and from interview’s to over 100 entrepreneurs.

Risk Reduction Planning™ represents an effort by Novatempo to replace the well established Business Plan which is a document designed for fund raising and venture partners recruiting, it is a sales plan, not an action plan.  It is widely accepted by experienced entrepreneurs in technology ventures, that the business plan is, from an operating perspective of limited use.

The primary goal of the Risk Reduction Planning™ workshop is to teach a systematic business planning methodology designed to organize concrete actions during the early stages of a venture such that the creation of value is maximized by each of those actions.  We believe that great entrepreneurs are particularly gifted at identifying and prioritizing value creating efforts.  This skill allows them to execute tasks following a very rapid tempo, that often ignores either consciously or unconsciously the conventional wisdom of a traditional business process.

We believe the Risk Reduction Planning™ workshop  is particularly valuable for those individuals that, by  having a technical and scientific background, are sometimes prone to paralysis by analysis.   Risk Reduction Planning™ presents a rational and systematic method for compensating behavioral traits driving technology entrepreneurs towards excessive analysis,  rational risk aversion and slow execution.

The Risk Reduction Planning™ workshop is Novatempo’s most valuable contribution to the process of training entrepreneurs around the world.  The workshop uses cases, methods and examples extracted from the actual experience of high growth entrepreneurial companies, some of them started by the instructors themselves.

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