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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

“Accelerating Technology Ventures and Entrepreneurship through Workshops, Consulting, Coaching, Team Forming and Capital”

Novatempo’s mission is inspired by the recognition that entrepreneurship is at the center of a stable society that offers high standards of living to vast segments of its population and steadily high levels of employment.

Our Vision

  • We believe that entrepreneurship, private enterprise and free trade are the most critical mechanism for elevating standards of living around the world.
  • We believe that technology ventures, in particular those capable of sustaining high growth, are the most needed in middle income regions seeking rapid creation of good jobs and wealth accumulation.
  • We believe that the entrepreneurial processes leading to successful technology ventures can be propagated and catalyzed across most other regions of the world provided that regional adaptation takes place.
  • We believe that venture funds, as they exist in developed entrepreneurial regions, can be propagated and catalyzed in most other regions of the world through a combination of education, localization and globalization.
  • We believe that our services uncover synergies and deliver superb value by means of openly sharing entrepreneurial, funding,  and economic development best practices on a global scale.

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