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We actively look to collaborate with global professionals and consultants.

We look for individuals that have had first hand experience in technological entrepreneurship and that are willing to share their experiences and wisdom as teachers, mentors and consultants.  We also look for mentors and angels for entrepreneurs leading ventures in developing regions of the world.  Keep in mind that the benefits of high growth entrepreneurship can be used to help local economies all over the planet, even in the less developed regions of developed countries.  Economic success is not proportionally distributed across the world, entrepreneurs can drive much of the equalization forces.

Specifically we look for:

Invited Speakers & Instructors

–> Entrepreneurs

–> Investors

Management and Technical Consultants

–> Product Development

–> Entrepreneurial Coaching

–> Legal Consultants

–> Venture Capital

–> M&A Consultants

–> Economic Development

We offer consulting services over the web and on-site.  Foreign language skills are desirable, although not required.  Excellent communication skills are absolutely required. Passion for entrepreneurship topics and interest in extended periods of foreign travel are also highly desirable.  We require a 90% complete Linkedin Profile .

Apply for consideration by submitting a CV or Resume in PDF/DOC.

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