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Novatempo Overview Presentation in English

Our efforts are focused on understanding and adapting processes used in successful regions of the world to those trying to develop high growth businesses.

Our services are designed to help maximize the impact of the collective effort of entrepreneurs, investors and government officers in regions trying to encourage the development of high growth business ventures.

We offer:

  • On-site and Online Training Workshops designed to provide timely and cost-effective entrepreneurial, venture financing, patent development and new product development expertise to entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and corporate executives from know-how gathered by our global network of new venture experts.
  • End-to-End Venture Reengineering  Services designed to assist entrepreneurs and early stage investors to negotiate roadblocks, produce better products, cost-effectively protect intellectual property and structure world-class management teams.
  • Entrepreneurial Processes Coaching  Services designed to improve decision-making processes of entrepreneurs, investors, economic developers and government entities by incorporating know-how, resources and experience of a global network of entrepreneurship and venture financing experts.
  • Capital Flow and Deal Structuring  Advisory Services designed to identify, assist and showcase high growth technology business ventures well positioned for attracting supra-regional capital, for participating in  global markets and for structuring attractive global exit paths.
  • Intellectual Assets Management and Stewardship Services designed to assist global technology ventures with cost-effective intellectual property protection, patent portfolio valuation and intellectual assets deal making.
  • Public Events Support Services designed to provide world class experts to serve as jurors in entrepreneurial competitions and as keynote speakers in international events.
  • Global Ventures Virtual Exhibitssuch as Promising  Global Startupsand Global Investor Previews, designed to showcase to the global investing world entrepreneurial ventures that we regard as most promising because of their unique product innovation, scaling models, market potential and depth of management.

Contact us today, we are always eager to assist you to the best of our global resources.

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