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Different business ventures require different funding sources and methods at different stages.  Structuring and timing the funding process optimally is critical to secure continues financing and to maximize the equity retained by founders and early investors by the time the venture becomes a self-sufficient business. Furthermore, funds for new ventures creation are now available around the world, although most professional venture funds still invest locally, there is a growing number of funding sources, both investment partnerships and business corporations deplyoying capital that is global in scope.  This trend is accelerating in emerging regions around the world, and is well consolidated in BRIC countries, the largest emerging economies.

Very early stage high risk technology ventures are, for the most, self-funded with savings and consulting revenue; and often include loans and investments from friends and family.  This apparent conceptual simplicity, results on early stage ventures  financial and managerial complexity that exceeds its limited revenue and valuation.  Excessive legal and managerial complexity that burdens and limits attraction of larger pools of capital may be the most direct result of these venture even in the case of a friendly coexistence among its initial supporters.

The execution of the fund raising process is in itself a delicate task requiring careful planning based on funding level requirements, nature of the business model, development stage of the technology and anticipated investors exit strategy, often determined by the capital markets environment in which the venture was founded and is operating.

We assist the entrepreneur and rapidly growing companies in identifying suitable financing strategies, identifying potential investors, and selecting legal and business counselors on major venture funding regions.  We also connect companies with networks of angels from around the world.  We believe our services, from initial screening to deal closing, and designed to minimize upfront costs are for entrepreneurs and new ventures located in less technologically developed regions of the world; where the venture investing industry is non-existent or still developing.

Our company is constantly pioneering and exploring funding solutions that may provide capital for a promising venture anywhere in the world.

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