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Angel and Venture Capital


Workshop: NVT-02

“Angel and Venture Capital Financing: Practical Aspects”


  1. 6  hrs. (on-site);
  2. 3 hrs. (webcast)

Instructors: Novatempo’s Instructors


  1. Live WebCast ($300/attendee, discount for groups)
    • Periodically ( 5 to 10 people)
    • Requires High Speed Internet Connection
  2. Hosted on location worldwide by: (Price Quotation , Solicitar Presupuesto)
    • Universities
    • Professional Conferences
    • Government Agencies
    • Chambers of Commerce


  1. Live WebCast (Price QuotationSolicitar Presupuesto)
  2. On-location (Price Quotation , Solicitar Presupuesto)


  1. Presentation Slides (License)
  2. Workbook (License)
  3. Bibliography for further Study
  4. Certificate of Completion


The goal of this course is to familiarize new entrepreneurs with the language and methods of a private equity financing process. This course provides a historical overview of the venture capital industry, types of funds, and insights in the operation of a venture fund. We discussed business structures suitable for funding, company valuations, term sheet structure, and multiple series financing. We discuss the types of financing available and the securities involved. We survey the most common deal closing documents and provide summary analysis and examples for many of them.

The workshop uses cases, methods and examples extracted from the actual experience of small entrepreneurial companies, some of them started by the instructors themselves.


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